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If you are a Game of Thrones fan, one of the most popular TV series of all time, it’s only logical that you want to experience the series in Sevilla in an extraordinary way. Our private tour will take you to some of the show’s most iconic locations in the city, including the Real Alcázar, which was used as the Water Gardens of Dorne, the Palace of the Tyrells, and the Tower of the Hand. We will also visit the Alcázar Gardens, where the scenes in which the Tyrells plot against the Lannisters were filmed. This tour is a must-do for any Game of Thrones fan visiting Sevilla.

I have created two themed routes that will take you through locations in Seville and its province that HBO chose for filming crucial scenes set in Dorne, King’s Landing, and Meereen. With a tour like the Tour Game of Thrones Seville, you’re sure to take home some great memories. I offer you two options:

Half-Day Guided Tour: Atarazanas-Alcázar-Itálica

The first half-day private guided tour includes a visit to the Reales Atarazanas (The Red Keep in King’s Landing), the Real Alcázar (The Palace of the Martells in Dorne), and the Roman city of Itálica (The Dragonpit in Meereen).

Full-Day Guided Tour: Osuna-Itálica-Alcázar

If you’re still hungry for more, you should definitely retrace the steps of the series through the province of Seville. The second private guided tour, which lasts for a full day, includes a visit to Osuna (The Fighting Pit in Meereen), Itálica (Meereen), and the Real Alcázar (The Palace of the Martells in Dorne).

Reales Atarazanas. Red Keep Dungeons

Let’s start our tour in the ancient neighborhood of Arenal where scenes from the seventh season were filmed. The medieval Reales Atarazanas of Seville were transformed into the dungeons of the Red Keep, and important scenes from the seventh season took place there (I won’t spoil it for you). It’s a truly unique experience to visit a real-life filming location from one of the most popular TV shows of all time. You’ll be able to imagine yourself in the same place as your favorite characters and feel the history and drama of the scene come to life.

naves de las Atarazanas de Sevilla

Royal Alcazar, Dorne Kingdom

The Real Alcazar of Seville, with its lush blend of vegetation, fountains, water, and palatial architecture, represents the romantic and abundant atmosphere of Dorne, the southernmost kingdom ruled by the Martells, like nowhere else.

The oldest active royal palace in Europe becomes the companion of fundamental scenes of bitter discussions, scenes of love and fighting, all of them accompanying the characters through special corners such as the exotic Gardens of the Alcazar, the famous Baths of Doña Maria Padilla, or the spectacular Fountain of Fame in the Garden of the Ladies, which is the only 17th-century organ fountain that is preserved in Spain and one of the three left in all of Europe.

In the series, only a small part of the rich heritage of the Alcazar, one of the most visited monuments in Seville, appears. But we can continue discovering palatial rooms and charming corners such as the Lion Gate, the Justice Room and the Yeso Courtyard, the Monteria Courtyard, the Admiral’s Room and House of Contracting, the Mudéjar or Pedro I Palace, the Gothic Palace, the Mercury Pond, the Apeadero and the Flags Courtyard.

turistas en alcazar de sevilla juego de tronos

Itálica, King’s Landing

Next up we’ll head towards Itálica, an ancient Roman city located 7 kilometers from Sevilla. This place is known as the birthplace of emperors, and its ruins of an amphitheater were transformed into the Dragonpit, home to the 4 dragons of Aegon Targaryen. In season 7, we see this magnificent construction as witness to the meeting of Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. And yes… Daenerys makes a triumphant entrance, landing on the arena riding Drogo, one of her dragons.

In the final season 8, HBO returns to Itálica, where the future of Jon Snow is decided in another meeting.

After strolling through this historic site, we’ll head back to Sevilla.

turistas en las ruinas de itálica

Osuna is Daznak

we will visit the Bullring in Osuna, a beautiful village with a rich heritage. There we will see the location used to represent the Daznak Pit in Meereen, the setting of the bloody battle where Daenerys is rescued by one of her dragons, considered one of the most expensive scenes in television history.

Osuna, thanks to the popularity of Game of Thrones, or as we know it, GOT, has opened a section dedicated to the legendary series in its museum, which they’ve called the “Ice and Fire Hall”. Here, we can enjoy a visual tour through images of the filming, licensed replicas, and autographs of the actors and actresses.

After our peculiar “filming” and to regain our strength, we will stop at Casa Curro in Osuna, where we will taste tapas based on the characters from the series… something unique! Are you going to miss it?

There will always be something new to discover, but this tour is sure to impress the majority of the show’s fans.

museo juego de tronos en osuna sevilla
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