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Seville is one of the most romantic cities in Spain. Its monuments, its history, its art, and its friendly people make it a delight for visitors.

Seville is one of the most romantic cities in Spain. Its monuments, history, art, and friendly people make it a joy to visit. And Spring is the time when the atmosphere in Seville becomes particularly enchanting with mild temperatures, vibrant colors, and scents that fill the city. With my “Seville in Spring” tour, I will take you to enjoy my city during the best season of the year to visit it.

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Giralda de Sevilla en Primavera

Seville Spring Tour Itinerary

The itinerary of the guided tour “Sevilla en Primavera” begins at the foot of the Giralda, the ancient minaret tower of the main mosque of Seville, now the bell tower of the great Cathedral, the third largest in the Christian world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 along with the Alcázar and the Archivo de Indias.

Mateos Gago

From there, we will stroll along Mateos Gago, a central street that opens up from the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes next to the Cathedral. During our walk, we will discover an ancient Andalusian hammam or learn about the history of the old wall that separated the ancient Jewish quarter from the city, as evidenced by recent archaeological finds.

Turistas en la calle Mateos Gago de Sevilla

Santa Cruz Quarter

The route continues along Mesón del Moro street, which gives us access to the ancient Jewish quarter of Seville and which was one of the 3 primitive gates of the neighborhood, called “Altambor”, since it announced the closure of the Jewish quarter until the morning of the next day.

Walking through its narrow and beautiful streets and quaint squares is a pleasure, such as the Plaza de la Alianza or the Plaza de Doña Elvira. In the neighborhood, we also find historical buildings such as the Hostería del Laurel, where Zorrilla places Don Juan Tenorio or the Hospital de los Venerables, an old hospice for priests that now houses the Velázquez Center.

Turistas en Barrio de Santa Cruz de Sevilla

The Plaza de Santa Cruz

Perfumed by the orange blossom of its orange trees in spring, the Plaza de Santa Cruz was the location of one of the three synagogues and the burial place of the renowned Sevillian painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

Santa Maria la Blanca Church

The footprint of Sefarad still persists in this impressive church that was also a synagogue. A marvel of Sevillian baroque architecture, its interior fascinates with its rich plasterwork and magnificent sculptures. We will continue our tour along Archeros street towards the San Bartolomé neighborhood.

San Bartolomé Church

The church of the same name was the third synagogue in the Jewish quarter, and the labyrinthine layout of its streets takes us back to the Middle Ages. The streets of Verde, Virgen de la Alegría, and Levíes are full of stories and legends that we will discover on our walk.

In this neighborhood was also the Palace of Don Miguel Mañara, who would give up all his wealth to devote his life to the poor with the foundation of the Hospital de la Santa Caridad.

The Alfalfa Neighborhood

On Águilas street, one of the most impressive palaces in Seville, the Casa de Pilatos, can be found. In spring, you can admire the most beautiful bougainvillea in the world from its entrance. The history of this house is linked to the origin of the celebration of Seville’s Holy Week, the most spring-like of the festivals along with the April Fair.

Passing through the impressive baroque church of San Hermenegildo, we can see the impasse or access courtyard to the convent of the nuns of San Leandro. This is where the famous “yemas” are made, which you can buy through the turnstile. One of the most famous sweets in Seville.

The San Pedro Neighborhood, birthplace of Velázquez

Crossing the Plaza del Cristo de Burgos, we arrive at the San Pedro neighborhood, and hidden among its streets, we will find the house where the most universal painter Seville has ever produced, Diego Velázquez, was born.

Encarnación Square

What was once an ancient square of Híspalis Roman, fascinates today with one of the constructions that is already an icon of the city, the Metrosol Parasol.

We will learn about its history and then venture into the streets of what was the city’s Arab commercial district, or medina, where the first mosque in Seville was located, now converted into the Church of the Savior.

The ablution courtyard of this mosque is still preserved, which gives access to the sacramental chapel where the titular image of the brotherhood, the Christ of Passion, is located.

Vista nocturna Sevilla en primavera

Salvador Square

An arm of the Guadalquivir River once flowed into this very square, which, according to legend, was used by the Vikings to reach the mosque and attempt to destroy it with incendiary arrows. Today, it provides the perfect setting for the Baroque architecture of the Church of the Savior, where we can end our tour and enjoy some typical gastronomy.

As you have seen, on the Sevilla en Primavera tour, we will visit the most historical places in the city during the best time of year, with pleasant weather and plenty of sunshine.

Don’t hesitate and come enjoy the best city in the world!

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